Quick Question, how many hours could you spend without checking your phone even once? Half an hour? An evening? A day?

Definitely, the refraining time frame is not going to be very long. With the revolution of mobile technology, internet usage of general people has skyrocketed. Just think how dependent you have become on the small device. Checking the messages of friends, going online on social media, paying bills, watching movies, our entire lives revolve around the small mobile device. Sometimes this dependence can become so severe that you need to take help of a reputed rehab centres.

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What Is Digital Addiction?

The hallmark of any addiction is that you cannot continue doing your regular work. In the case of digital addiction, you will feel a crushing need to check your digital devices to the level when it hinders with your day to day activities.


Is There Any Preventive Measure Available?

The world is still adapting to the engulfing nature of digital technologies. The idea that the technology can really pose a health problem came to the fore a bit late. Slowly, the world is accepting the negative effect of digital technologies and thinking about prevention.

The World Health Organization has already decided to include gaming disorder into the International Classification of Disorders. The digital giants like Google have also recognized the reality of digital addiction. The company has announced that it will start to focus on the digital wellbeing of the general people. Talk to a well-reputed rehab centres to better understand the impacts of the mobile devices in your life.

Why The Digital Addiction Takes Place?


Are you aware of the term? Then you know the basic reason for digital addiction.

Technology makes you feel that you belong somewhere. The logic of the technology is devised in such a way that you feel it as indispensable. Online shopping, games, and social media, all create a persuasive environment to make you return to the digital realm. They use well established psychological techniques like social proof, reciprocity, personalization, and scarcity to prod you back to the digital world.

Infotainment is another reason for growing addiction. The social network is content hungry. They will always try to provide you with fresh information to keep you occupied and online. The accumulating result of all these is the increasing number of digitally addicted population.

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What to Do?

Treat digital space like any other addictive substance. You should concentrate on the word moderation. The necessity of the digital world is well accepted and you have to use it, but, strongly clasp the helm of control in your hand. If you feel that the digital world is already creating a mess in your life, talk to the experts of a good rehab centres. You can also abide by the following tips to detoxify yourself.

Pay Close Attention to Your Emotions while Checking the Phone

When you feel the urge, just don’t reach to grab the phone. Ask yourself whether you really need to check it. Determine whether you are feeling left out or simply bore. This continuous checking of your emotions is called mindfulness. This little trick has helped many people to explore their emotional needs. Continuously verifying emotional needs provides the space to check the need to belong in the digital world.


Get Inspiration

To overcome any addiction, you need a good dose of inspiration. Check out various books that are available in the market. Talk to the experts of detox centre for proper direction. You can also go to support groups which are now popping up all around the world. An experienced psychologist or therapist can also provide the proper dose of inspiration that you were lacking.

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Turn Off the Push Notification

These little notifications are designed to prod your fear of missing out. So, it is literally the first step you need to follow to cut back your digital dependency. Turn off notification of any and every app that reminds you of anything. Set a fixed time of the day to check out the site.

Keep close vigilance on the time you spend on the site and stop using after the pre-decided time is over. In this way, you will be the boss of deciding when to check the phone and when not.

Buy an Old Fashioned Alarm Clock

Do you get in bed with your phone? Most probably yes.

Have you ever thought that you are inviting all your social media friends and the online applications into your bed?

Probably not.

Chuck this bad habit out and buy a proper alarm clock. Don’t reach for the phone in the first few hours of the day as you are preparing to go out for work. Start your day in your own terms and not on the dictates of the mobile phones. You will feel more rested and happy in just a few days.

Use the Airplane Mode

You have a mode in your phone that disconnects you from the digital world. Shun your phone and use the airplane mode when you are working out or doing important work. This way, you will be able to focus on the job in hand more and the result will be worthwhile.

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Take Little Breaks

You are not supposed to run a marathon before running even a mile. Thus, to take control of the digital world, start taking little breaks from it. Take five minutes to break each day and slowly increase the time. After some time, designate one whole day to stay away from the digital world. Get in touch with your friends and spend time with them or visit your family members. Happiness will be yours.

Recharge Your Phone in another Room

If the phone is too important for your work, try to make the nights work in your favor. Charge your phone in another room and read a good novel. The overstimulation will wear off slowly and you will be having a good night’s sleep.

There are so many other ways that you can start your digital detoxification journey. Get in touch with a good rehab centres to understand the best way for you to start the detoxification. Remember, every drop of water is important for the vastness of the ocean. Thus, start with little changes and with time you will overcome the problem completely.


How to Curb the Phone Addiction Efficiently by Neworld Detox Centre
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