Seating clinic, providing assessment and prescription for specialized seating and mobility equipment, e.g., wheelchairs;

Orthotics clinic, providing specialized orthotic devices (e.g., ankle-foot orthoses) and protective helmets. This clinic is provided monthly by an orthotist who travels from Barrie, ON;

Feeding and swallowing program, providing assessment and consultation for infants and children experiencing feeding and/or swallowing difficulty as a result of a physical or developmental challenge;

Medical clinics, giving families an opportunity to meet with medical specialists locally (pediatric neurology, pediatric orthopedic surgeon from The Hospital for Sick Children), thus saving families the expense and stress of travel to southern Ontario.

Transition Clinic, to support youth and their families with the transition process to adulthood.  To learn more click here.

Augmentative Communication &Writing Aids Clinic: Providing assessment, prescription and training on the use of low-tech equipment to support the communication development of individuals who are:

  • unable to meet their functional face-to-face communication needs through speech alone
  • unable to meet their functional writing needs because of fine motor difficulties