It is essential to us that you clearly remember the process and become familiar to the forms you are expected for completely licensed by Health Canada and take part in the Medical Marijuana program.

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Choose your Cannabis clinic here! First, you have to take the support of your doctor. Go into his or her office prepared with the following –

  • First, clearly identify the symptoms you feel you can manage better with cannabis.
  • Then explain how you are using cannabis or wish to use cannabis for managing your symptoms. Your doctor will wish to understand how you are using or planning on using cannabis and what are the effects this is having or will have on your symptoms and well-being. Tell your doctor that you are smoking it, using it or biting it in other forms, how much and how frequently you are using such cannabis. Be prepared to explain how cannabis is relieving your symptoms and to say how much cannabis you use it, in grams every day.
  • If you did not use cannabis before from cannabis clinic, then get informed. Speak to some people who have already used it for managing such symptoms.
  • Make the list of medicines and therapies which you have already tried for these symptoms and recognize it which has worked and which has not.
  • Recognize the release form for the medical practitioner from the Canadian medical association. The CMPA is the professional medical insurer and signing this form may alleviate the concern of the doctor about its liability.

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For the full tips list on how to talk and consult your doctor, consult this guidance from Canadian Aids society to assure that you are asking the appropriate questions and talking to your doctor properly.

Complete the forms!

To understand which health Canada forms you require to complete can be a little bit complicated. We have taken the guessing work out of it by the creation of the page which will easily tell you which forms of Canada you need to complete it and offer the links for downloading them from the site of Health Canada.

Your application must be accompanied by two sizes of passports photographs, to be useful on an identification card that is issued to applicants authorized for possessing. The cards can be shown to the police officer as evidence that the person is given permission to possess Marijuana.

Times of processing!

Health Canada is currently taking longer to process application of cannabis clinic due to the rise in the number of applications and lack of funding in government. They must acknowledge the receipt of the application in 3 to 5 weeks of receiving it and will show if any of the needed information is missing out. application from patients with the terms and conditions will be given priority for processing.

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Processing time for the application will change depends on the nature of the medical condition of applicants and if all of the required information has been received, this takes some months.

Applicants who are approved will be alarmed in writing. Many doctors and health professionals may insist that you have tried all your mainstream drugs and pharmaceuticals at first, for your medical situation, before prescribing Marijuana. This does not mean that you need to take them. To find more information read this article!

How to apply for the medical Marijuana Access division!